Our Services

Land & Property


MGP’s partners have rendered advice to an assortment of clients during various stages of property-related transactions. From the acquisition and disposal of residential and commercial real estate, alienation of land, the commencement of development, execution of agreements such as Sale & Purchase, Escrow, Novation, Tenancy, etc.; and other matters related to the commercial transactions of the transfer or leasing of property and land.

MGP’s partners have advised the following types of clients:

  • Individual(s)
  • Residential, retail and commercial property buyers and sellers
  • Architect & Engineering firms
  • Building Cooperatives
  • Accounting / Consultancy firms
  • Property developers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government-linked property companies
  • Multinational conglomerates


We have experience in advising, reviewing and drafting an array of conveyancing documents involved in property transactions, including:

  • New developments
  • Titles: individual and strata
  • Sub-sale

Dispute Resolution, Litigation & ADR

We have rendered advice on matters related to property and/or land disputes. MGP’s paramount aim is to provide clients with the best advice possible to attempt to facilitate negotiations and favourable settlements prior to going down the litigious route.

We have assisted clients in an array of property and land disputes, from claims heard in the Sessions and High Court to appeals in the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Malaysia.

We have also acted for our clients in property and/or land-related institutional (and ad hoc) arbitrations in KLRCA, SIAC and ICC.