Our Services

Technology, Media and Communications


MGP partners’ have and continue to advise and render agreement drafting services to clients involved in the technology, multimedia and communications industries in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the UK. Such advisory experience includes:

  • A leading Malaysian communications service provider on risk and liability considerations involved in licensing agreements entered with into with third-party vendors for the usage of registered trademarks and logos in promotional and sales material;
  • A leading Malaysian broadcasting television network on risk and compliance considerations involved in services agreements entered into with contractors providing home satellite installation;
  • A leading Singapore fibre optics network company on risk and compliance considerations involved in entering into a memorandum of agreement and subsequent joint venture with a Malaysian fibre optic network company;
  • A multinational technology service provider on risk and compliance considerations involved in entering into services agreements for provision of dial, IP, IP/SSL, Wireless POS, VPN, Host Connectivity and LVC services to Malaysia businesses;
  • A leading Australian, independent not-for-profit health technologies company on corporate structuring, risk and compliance and commercial contracts to be entered into in establishing a company in Malaysia;
  • A leading UK vendor of electronic technology on risk and compliance involved in the terms and conditions and the privacy policy to be made available to Malaysian customers;
  • A leading Malaysian biotechnology company on risk and compliance involved in entering into licensing agreements with an
  • Australian university for the research, development and commercialisation of a unique breed of Malaysian fish;
  • A financial technology start-up on its corporate and commercial agreements, risk, compliance and regulatory requirements, including advice on Bank Negara Malaysia requirements and parameters under the Financial Services Act and the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act.
  • An electronics technology start-up on risk, compliance and application considerations involved in the usage of both commercial and recreational drones in Malaysia;
  • A beauty and wellness tech start-up on all risk and compliance considerations in the provision of their services, usage of the website and mobile application, market penetration and agreements entered into with its external stakeholders, service providers and customers; and
  • A leading mobile application developer on the risk and compliance considerations involved in a Korean company acquiring a Malaysian tech company.

Dispute Resolution, Litigation & ADR

MGP’s is able to assist its technology, multimedia and communications clients in dispute resolution, litigation and ADR matters involving, amongst others, the following:

  • Commercial agreements (Licensing, Services, Supply, Consultancy)
  • Contractor disputes (Litigation, Adjudication, Arbitration)
  • Property disputes (Acquisition, Sale & Purchase, Tenancy)
  • Administrative disputes (Public authority issues)GP